Santander Open Academy

Santander Open Academy is Banco Santander's non-profit initiative that helps you obtain training in the professional skills you need to improve your employability and your future.


Our global platform offers anyone access to 100% free courses, free quality content and scholarships from leading universities and institutions.

The training you need to keep growing

Programs promoted by Banco Santander

Discover our learning offer, with more than 1,000 courses, content and scholarships per year, which are continually updated. You will earn credentials and certificates to achieve your goals.

Collaborating Institution Programs

The universities and institutions with which we collaborate also upload their own programs, aimed at their communities.

Open to everyone

To start learning, you just need to be over 16 years old and register. We believe in you and we want to help you succeed, whether you are a bank customer or not.

We transform lives, we transform careers

27 years supporting society to build a better future for all


At Banco Santander we launched a pioneering initiative to support education, employability and entrepreneurship. Santander Open Academy is part of this initiative and contributes to making the bank's mission of helping people and companies progress a reality.

+ 27 years of support

to education, employability and entrepreneurship

+ 2.200 mm

of euros invested in the progress of our users

+ 1 million

people and businesses helped

+ 1,300 universities,

collaborating institutions and organizations from 25 countries


We have been recognized as one of the companies that are contributing the most to improving the world, according to Fortune's 'Change the World' 2023 list, which recognizes the 50 companies that help to solve some of the most important challenges of society every year. We are the first bank in the ranking and it is thanks to our support for education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

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