Santander Open Academy: ‘Subsistence grant programmes have proven to be an indispensable life-line’ - Eduardo Vicente, USP professor

23/03/2021 | Eduardo Vicente

I'm Eduardo Vicente, a professor in the Department of Cinema, Radio and TV at the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (USP). I've been working at the USP for over 15 years and I know that we need to be very clear about the challenges and material difficulties our students are facing.

A large part of under- and post- graduate students face difficulties when it comes to being able to continue their university education, dedicating the necessary focus and energy to classes and other activities. Hence, initiatives such as Santander Open Academy provide essential financial support that allows you to continue studying for academic qualifications.

The importance of scholarships at Brazilian universities today

It is well known that the USP has an image as a somewhat elite institution, where only students from the most privileged layers of society secure a place. But in reality, this has never been an accurate reflection of the far more nuanced and complex reality of the Brazilian university.

Subsistence grant programmes were introduced several years ago, and following the introduction of a quotas policy in 2018, they became an even more indispensable life-line.

What’s more, right now, the pandemic is putting even greater pressure on our students, making it all more difficult for them to stick with their courses. Against this backdrop, the Santander Open Academy initiative, which provides grants to such students, is more than welcome.

'I had the chance to participate in other Banco Santander initiatives, focused on stimulating university research and education, and I believe that the Santander Open Academy programme is essential given the additional challenges posed by the pandemic'.


Advantages that go beyond financial support

For many students, scholarships go beyond mere financial support. They can prove the deciding factor between a student dropping out of a course or staying on track with their university studies. And because further education opens the door to a whole world of possibilities, the opportunity goes beyond the material level.

Overcoming the difficulties to continue studying

I hope that Santander will continue with their various initiatives to support research and university education. I also hope that undertakings such as this, which focus on giving low-income students a better chance at staying in education, always hold a special place within their activities.

If you are a student at one of the universities participating in the programme, don't let obstacles hold back your academic career. Sign up for the scholarship at Santander Open Academy and get going! It’s much more than just financial support, it offers a golden opportunity to continue studying.

There is no set age limit for registration. Therefore, under- and post- graduate students over the age of 18 can apply. The selection process takes into account factors such as academic performance and social vulnerability, offering an excellent opportunity to reduce the financial obstacles of further education.


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