We are now Santander Open Academy


If you've been following us for some time, then you already know that for us, training and lifelong learning are the best way to develop your professional skills.  

That was our impetus when, over 27 years ago at Banco Santander, we launched our Santander Open Academy project, a non-profit initiative that was devised to help people progress - an aim it pursues to this day, although it has evolved plenty since then.

We began by offering grants, but bit by bit, year after year, we realised there was so much more to do, so much more to offer. So we got down to business.

Today, we are an established learning space where millions of people of all ages around the entire globe find not only grants but also courses and free content, to boost the most in-demand skills on the labour market.

Our history in figures

  • Over 27 years supporting education, employability and entrepreneurship
  • Over 2.2 billion euros invested

  • Over 1 million people and companies helped

  • Over 1,300 universities with agreements in 25 countries

That's why, now, we are: 

Santander Open Academy


A much broader yet much simpler, more comprehensive and intuitive space where you can find everything you need to make progress and access better job opportunities.

  • Courses on skills, languages, technology, sustainability and much more, with unlimited access and involving a selection process

  • Educational content covering an infinite variety of topics and in multiple formats (podcasts, ebooks, audiobooks and training videos).

  • Scholarships launched in collaboration with universities, institutions and leading organisations in the fields of financial aid, mobility and research, and labour market access.

A space where, no matter what it is you're looking for, you'll discover a wide range of training options. This is your chance, let us help you get ahead in your career. Accessing our courses, grants, and content is easy, you just need to be registered on our global platform and be over the age of 16. And you don’t need a degree or to be a customer of the bank in order to sign up.

If, like us, you believe that we should never stop learning, starting next week we invite you to visit www.santanderopenacademy.com/en/.

Welcome home!

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