A unique internacional opportunity for women leaders in collaboration with the London School of Economics

Santander W50 leadership programme, launched by Banco Santander, mainly sets out to deliver high performance training for 50 women who hold upper management positions in companies in any sector, who are looking to develop and refine their own leadership style.

In addition to the full cost of the training programme, the scholarship includes costs for accommodation in London during the dates when the programme is running.

What does this mean for you

Every year, for thirteen years now, through the Santander W50 programme, we offer 50 seats for women in senior management positions to access the opportunity of receiving intensive training in which they acquire not only the tools to streamline their own leadership style, but also the great opportunity to boost their careers.

In addition to the training and individual coaching, participants will be able to share their experiences within a global community that already includes over 750 international women leaders.

About the program

Participants will learn how to enhance their personal leadership style through training, experiential sessions and one-to-one coaching. In addition, they will have the opportunity to share experiences with women from different countries and join the global network SW50 of female leaders.

Course content: 

   • What is leadership. Developing your leadership style

   • Power and influence

   • Leading change

   • Communicating with Impact + Coaching sessions

   • Leading for innovation

   • The multicultural workplace

Some of our SW50 leading women

"Having a higher proportion of women in management positions is fair and good for business. As well as talent, women offer complementary skills to those of men: better interpersonal communication, cooperation, horizontal thinking, greater empathy and the ability to prioritise."


Ana Botín

Executive Chairman at Banco Santander