Legal Notice

Universia Holding, S.L. ("Universia") provides internet users with free access to the platform called Santander Open Academy, accessible through the web:, and mobile applications called "Santander Learning Room" available for iOS and Android (hereinafter, “the Portal"). Mere access to the Portal is governed by the provisions of this Legal Notice. If the user registers on the Portal to enjoy the service offered, the General Conditions of Use will also apply.

The user must carefully read this document, which is offered in Spanish. This Portal provides access to pages made available to Internet users free of charge. However, the user of the Portal must assume any cost linked to access, use and enjoyment of the Portal, such as, for example, the cost charged by the Internet access service provider corresponding to the user in order to use the Portal. By accessing this address and any of its pages, you will be considered a user and must comply with the conditions and restrictions of this Legal Notice. Access to the Portal may be limited by the laws and regulations of the different jurisdictions of the countries.

Although the "Santander" brand used on this Portal belongs to Banco Santander, S.A., the services provided on same are provided by Universia Holding, S.L., a company forming part of the same business group as Banco Santander, S.A., and they are regulated by means of the General Conditions of Use. Banco Santander, S.A. assumes no responsibility for the provision of those services.

This Legal Notice will remain accessible for consultation in the footer of the web version of the Portal and on the home page of the mobile application.

1. Purpose and changes to conditions

Universia allows users to browse and access the Portal's content and services, provided they do so as specified in this Legal Notice.

n any case, Universia Foundation reserves the right to modify or erase the content, structure, design, services and the terms of access and/or use of the Portal, whenever it sees fit to do so and providing notice ahead of major changes. It also reserves the right to interpret this Legal Notice in respect of any doubts concerning its application.

This Portal is the property of Universia Holding, S.L., tax number B-82976515, and registered office at Avenida de Cantabria s/n (28660) Boadilla del Monte – 28660 Madrid. Universia is filed at the Madrid Mercantile Registry at entry 1, volume 16547, sheet 111, section 8, page M281891. Users may contact Universia through this Contact Form.

2. Requirements for accessing and using the services and content on the Portal

Access to and/or use of the Portal is totally voluntary and anyone who accesses or uses it will be considered a user. Any user, whether or not registered for the services available on the Portal, must meet the conditions and restrictions stipulated in this Legal Notice, and also any special conditions that may supplement, replace or modify them in some way in relation to the services and contents provided on the Portal. Accordingly, users must carefully read all of the aforementioned documents before accessing and using any service provided on the Portal, entirely on their own responsibility.

In any case, Universia reserves the right to deny access to the Portal, at any time and without any notice, to users who do not comply with this Legal Notice.

3. General Principles – Responsibility of the user

The user undertakes to use the Portal in good faith and in accordance with the legislation applicable to each, pursuant to the provisions of this Legal Notice, and generally accepted usage, and not to perform any actions in the Portal that contravene public order or the provisions of this Legal Notice. Therefore, any use for unlawful purposes or that is to the detriment of or prevents, may damage and/or exceed the normal functioning and use of the Portal, in any way, or which directly or indirectly causes damage to the same or to any third party, is forbidden.

In accordance with national and international regulations on the protection of human rights, Portal users will not transmit anything that impinges on the values and dignity of human beings.

Likewise, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any way, of Portal content (copy, designs, charts, information, databases, sound and/or image files, logos and other items from these sites) are prohibited, unless prior consent has been granted by the legitimate owners or when allowed by law.

Any use of the aforementioned content for commercial or advertising purposes other than that strictly permitted, where applicable, and general infringement of any rights arising therefrom are also prohibited.

4. Conditions which must be fulfilled by users wishing to create a hyperlink between their web page and the Portal

Portal pages may not be reproduced using a hyperlink on another unauthorised portal or website.

Under no circumstances will Universia be understood to authorise the hyperlink or to have, in any way, supervised or approved the services or content provided by the Portal containing the hyperlink.

No false, incorrect or inaccurate statements or references may be made in relation to Universia's pages and services.

The page from which the hyperlink is established can have no distinguishing features referring to the Portal, with the exception of the signs forming part of the hyperlink itself.

It is explicitly forbidden to create any type of browser, programme or border environment concerning the Portal's pages.

No content contrary to the rights of third parties, or contrary to accepted moral and good customs, or unlawful information may be included on the web page from which the hyperlink is established.

The existence of a hyperlink between a web page and the Portal does not imply the existence of relations between Universia and the owner of that page, or the acceptance and approval of its content and services.

5. Responsibility of the user

Users will be solely responsible for their use of the Portal, the content created by them, and for complying with this Legal Notice in its entirety. Therefore, users undertake to keep their login details and passwords, or similar data assigned to them for accessing the Portal or any of its services, secret and confidential, and will be held liable for any damage of any nature derived from improper use of the same by them or by third parties due to their negligence or breach of this Legal Notice.

Any breach of this Legal Notice may give rise to the corresponding civil or criminal, judicial or extrajudicial proceedings against the user, who must hold Universia harmless as regards any claims, lawsuits and damages or losses they may face as a result of such a breach.

The user also guarantees that the content published or shared by them does not entail an infringement of any third-party intellectual or industrial property rights, including business secrets, and undertakes to hold Universia harmless against any claims (judicial or extrajudicial) that arise or may arise due to use of the Contents.

6. Disclaimer

Universia does not guarantee and accepts no liability, in any case and under any circumstances, for the following events and content, or for any ensuing damage or loss:

  1. Lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance and effective functioning of the Portal and/or of its services and updating, accuracy, completeness, relevance, validity and reliability of its contents, technical or other difficulties or issues, provided this is attributable to third parties.
  2. The transmission and/or existence of viruses, other items or programmes harmful to users' equipment that could affect them as a result of visiting, using or examining the site or cause changes to their digital documents or files, provided this is attributable to third parties.
  3. Illicit, negligent or fraudulent use by users of the Portal, its services or content, or assuming the identity of a third party or anything that runs contrary to the terms of this Legal Notice, to good faith, to generally accepted practices or to public order.
  4. Except for the signs that form part of the hyperlink itself, the website that contains this hyperlink will not contain any trademark, brand name, trade name, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive sign belonging to Universia or to Banco Santander, S.A.
  5. Violations or breaches of the laws, uses or customs in force in relation to intellectual property, industrial property, trade or contractual secrets, right to privacy, honour and protection of one's image, property, advertising or competition rights, among others, of third parties.
  6. Faults or defects in the content and/or services provided in the Portal, provided this is attributable to third parties.
  7. The reception, storage, collection, dissemination or transmission of Portal content by users, provided this is attributable to third parties.
  8. Knowledge of any information regarding the characteristics and circumstances of use of the Portal content and services that unauthorised third parties may possess or use.
  9. Breaches by third parties of their obligations or guarantees arising from or arranged in respect of the services provided for users through the Portal or a lack of quality, reliability, fitness for purpose, lawfulness, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to users of these sites.
  10. For the content of the contributions, activities or conduct of users, which will be the sole responsibility of the user concerned.

The preceding list is for information purposes only and none of its points are, under any circumstances, exclusive.

7. Links

The Portal content may include links posted by third parties to sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties to provide easy access to information and services available online.

Universia accepts no liability for the existence of links between Portal content and content located outside the Portal, or for any other reference to content external to this site. Such links and references are exclusively for information purposes and, in no case, imply any support, endorsement, marketing or relationship between Universia and the persons or entities that create and/or manage such content or owners of the sites where such content is found. Universia offers no guarantee that the linked sites or content function correctly.

Users should, therefore, exercise the utmost care and caution when visiting or using the content or services of any site they may access by clicking on any such link.

8. Intellectual and Industrial property rights

The intellectual property rights and rights to operate and reproduce this Portal, its pages, screens, the information they contain, its appearance and design, and any links (hyperlinks) from the portal to other websites belonging to any Santander Group company are the exclusive property of the Group, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

All names, designs and/or logos making up this page are duly registered trademarks. Proceedings may be instigated in accordance with prevailing laws against any unauthorised use of these by parties other than the legitimate owner. Rights concerning the intellectual property and trademarks of third parties are stated where appropriate and must be adhered to by any party accessing the Portal. The reproduction, transmission, modification or erasure of the information, content or warnings on this Portal without prior written consent from Universia is prohibited.

The copy, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, brands and other items in the Portal are protected by international laws and treaties on intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation or modification, communication to the public, or any other use of all or part of this site, carried out by any means and in any way, whether electronic, mechanic or otherwise, is strictly prohibited, unless prior consent has been given in writing by Universia. Any breach of these rights may give rise to extrajudicial or civil or criminal proceedings.

All content available on the Portal is protected by sui generis rights over databases provided for in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, which enacts the restated text of the Intellectual Property Law. Thus users may not extract or reuse all or a substantial portion of this content, or even a non-substantial portion of same if this goes against the normal use of said content and causes unjustified harm to Universia's legitimate interests.

Universia grants no licence or authorisation for any use of its intellectual and industrial property rights, or any other property or right related to the Portal.

Third parties are exclusively responsible for the legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the content they add.

9. Applicable legislation

This Legal Notice will be governed by Spanish law, and any dispute relating to same will be settled by the courts of the city of Madrid, except in the event of a dispute with a user with consumer status, in which case the dispute will be resolved by the competent court in accordance with applicable legislation.

Last modification date: 27/11/2023