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What will you find at Santander Open Academy?

Free training in the skills most in demand by the labor market

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Transforming lives through training and professional development

Santander Open Academy is Santander's non-profit initiative that will help you obtain the training you need to access better professional opportunities.

We resolve your questions

Santander Open Academy was created with the aim of providing the training you need to access better job opportunities.

Our global learning and professional development platform offers courses, content, and scholarships from leading universities and institutions, free of charge and to anyone. You will still be able to apply for scholarships, but also access free courses and content any time and from anywhere.

We offer scholarships for university, mobility, internships and research; high-quality courses with unlimited access, and content which can be accessed in ebook, video, audiobook or podcast format.

The change to Santander Open Academy will not affect any of the current opportunities offered on the platform, everything remains the same. The same applies if you have already been selected for a scholarship or programme.